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The festival hydro safety town table is displayed and shows community areas such as home, a school bus, a farm, and a park.

Did You Know...

Festival Hydro Runs an annual school safety program to educate children about how to stay safe around electricity.

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Festival Hydro's Biennial Electricity Safety Survey

We have concluded our most recent biennial electrical safety survey in March, 2020. Festival Hydro undertakes this survey of the public’s awareness of electrical safety as part of our electricity distributor scorecard requirement.

Should you have any questions please contact our office by phone at 519-271-4700, or by email at

Safety Videos

Featured video: Neighbourhood Safety


More safety videos:

What is hiding just below the surface in your yard?
Hidden Dangers: Call or Click Before You Dig Video

What do you do if a downed powerline is on your vehicle?
Vehicle Safety Video

How close can you go to downed overhead powerlines?
Downed Overhead Powerline Safety Video

How dangerous is contact with an overhead powerlines?
Overhead Powerline Safety Video